S3E01-Team Wellness

Did you know some nurses could write prescriptions? Kirk talks to Nurse Practitioner Erin O’Shaughnessy about her practice. Erin works for Nalanda Health (https://nalanda.ca/) and prescribes cannabis for clients in need of help. Trevor talks to Carl Byrne a pharmacist at Nalanda Health who acts as a cannabis educator for Erin’s clients. What does a medical cannabis clinic look like post legalization? How do these health care professional work together?Why shouldn’t you just go to a recreational cannabis store and try some cannabis for your medical condition on your own. Listen and hear what Trevor and Kirk find out!

Plus a new My Cannabis Story from Jaqui Childs! – find her on @jacquichilds (https://www.instagram.com/jacquichilds/?hl=en) on Instagram.